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Hi, are you looking for investing a money? Growcent is here to help you. We are providing a global platform to invest your money efficiently.

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Growcent offers an investment platform where the investors come together to invest in smart and innovative business ideas. It is a platform that is capable of offering an end to end solution to the companies, running business and investors where they all enter into a place which is resourceful enough to facilitate them so that they can establish themselves as a stable organization.

When it comes to investing, we want your money to grow with higher rate of return and with lowest risk possible. Smart Investment of money in business is the best way to invest money that will give you maximum return throughout your life. While there are no shortcuts to get wealthy but there is smart way to go with business investment. For that, Growcent cooperate investors to buy equity stakes from companies while also offering a unique set of features that maximize one’s investment experience.

For that, Growcent is the best global funding platform which evaluates companies with more than 100 different parameters and help you for doing wise investment in the growing companies. Also, we encourage investors to invest in companies with high growth potential.

About Investment

A couple of innovative thinkers get together and come up with a creative solution to a familiar issue. They analysed out their new solution, emphasize a bit, and discover something that works.

Now, to implement their solution or idea productively, they form a company and seek for investments or funding from individual and institutional investors. To inspire such a entrepreneurs or companies, many investors come forward and invest. With investment, investors also invest their experience, their ideas, strategies etc. Now a days, most of the investors prefers equity investment or stakes because many researches shows that the return of investment (ROI) always higher than other sort of investment. But, return of investments(ROI) are more to do with the selection of good companies, qualified professionals. Finally, we can say that

“Investment is mostly about working smarter not harder.”

About Growcent

Angel Investor

Angel Investors are usually high net worth individuals who invest in small companies or businesses against the exchange of equity in the company.

They are also known as private investors. Generally, angel investors are the primary source of funding for many businesses and hence usually these are high-risk investments.

Angel investors are more interested in providing support for businesses in their early stages, rather than profits. Angel Investors typically use their own money to fund the business.

Venture Capitalist

Venture capitalists are investors who offer capital or funding to companies and small businesses who are having long-term growth potential. Venture capitalists are typically professional investors who invest in a broad portfolio of new companies. Venture capitalists are normally well-off investors, investment banks, and other financial institutions.

Venture capital fund is pooled investment from different small investors and managed by venture capitalists. They manage pooled investment in high growth opportunities in early-stage companies.

Private Equity

Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms are money managers. They do not operate the companies they own. The capital in the funds comes from Limited Partners (LPs) and General Partners (GP).

A private Equity fund in general is a pool of money from high net worth individuals or investors to create a corpus of funds that are then used to acquire the stake in companies.

Private equity firms buy stakes in private companies at a lower price and selling them at a higher price to make a profit. Generally, they invest in companies that are in the growth stage and at least having 3 years of profitability. Private equity firms trade ownership stakes in private businesses like the stock market trade in public businesses.

Peer to Peer Lender

These are groups or individuals who provide capital to small businesses. Peer-to-peer lenders seek an alternative to traditional banks or a better rate of returns than banks offer. There are different trusted platforms available where a business owner can raise a request for funds and registered investors can analyze the proposal and start investing.

Due to the availability of peer-to-peer lending platforms this space getting more trust and organized ways of lending. P2P lending platforms connect business owners directly to investors. Based on the creditworthiness of the business or individual interest rates are decided.

About Growcent

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“Investing puts money to work. The only reason to save money is to invest it.”

-Grant Cardone
Risk Warning

Growcent only provides platform where you meet with the investors and companies. By doing so, investors are forming a partnership with the companies they choose to invest in if the company turns a profit, investors make returns proportionate to their amount of equity in the company; if the company fails, the investors lose the money they've invested. We haven’t provided any legal, financial and tax advice to you. If you require any financial consultation, then consult with professional advisors.

Investment Involves the risk so please read different type of Risks Involve while investing in companies. Also, every investment includes Risk so before investing please read Risk warning related to investment. We only provide platform (Growcent) to Investors and Companies who invest their money and who want money to expand their business. It includes all activities related to Investment made in this platform.