Privacy Policy

Growcent (Product of Citylink TechnologySolutions Pvt. Ltd) facilitate investors to invest in certified companies and helps entrepreneurs to raise capital for their business from a range of investors. The Privacy Notice states that what information Growcent collects and how it exploits, and how it implements to all its services. Throughout this policy the word “We” and “Us” will denote Team Growcent and the Word “You” will denote the Person with whom we are interacting with.

  • Information we collect:
    The moment when you visit our website, we ask you to provide some personal information i.e. name, contact details, education history, demographic information, employment, etc. If you are a company, we will be asking for your business details and its current status. These types of information are very much required for us to provide our services. If in any case an entrepreneur is sharing his/her customer details, then one must have right to share the information on proper grounds and should be done in secure manner.
  • How we will exploit the data:
    The information which we have collected from you will be cross checked that whatever information you have provided are true or not. If the information is related to a company, we will be measuring the details on our parameters for providing a rank to your company. If we came across Investors details, then we need to confirm that you are eligible to make investments through website or not. We also need to confirm the identity from both the side from investors and companies to ensure that you are eligible to use the services on our website.
  • Principles regarding Data Protection and Sharing:
    Whatever personal information we received from the investors and company will remain confidential with us like name, contact mail, etc. Regarding Companies only the precise company information will be shared with the investors, if the investors shows any interest on that company then complete information will be provided from our side. Next Comes Investors information which will be completely confidential with us, without investor concern his information and details will not be shared to any of the company, although he will be having the right to check all the company details.
  • With Whom we will be sharing your information:
    As it’s an Online funding platform for the Investors so the information regarding the investors will be shared only after their concern. On other hand the complete information regarding the company i.e. the pitch-up deck (which was provided by the company) will be shared with the investors if they show any interest on any companies.
  • Security of your Personal data:
    We pledge to take all the possible steps to protect your Personal data, but however we can guarantee the total security of any personal data disclosed by you online. In using the website, you accept the essential security implications for engaging transactions online, and you agree that you will not hold us responsible for any breach of security unless we have done any sort of negligence or intentionally.
  • Contacting Us:
    If you want to make any notification to us or have any questions regarding privacy policy feel free to reach us on following address:
    • Address:Citylink Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd Survey No. 124/2, Kalas, Pune –411015 (INDIA)
    • Phone: +91-20-27158080 / 81
    • Email:
  • Changes to the Private Policy:
    There will be some changes time to time regarding the privacy policy. We will be posting any sort of changes on this page only, if any sort of serious or important changes made then we will notify with a mail.