Risk Warning

Our Product Growcent is an online platform where investors and companies meet. On our platform Investors find their suitable companies and form partnership with them by investing in their companies. Investing in companies can be very rewarding if the company grows and generate revenue which will also increase the value of investment,but it also involves several risks and challenges also. If you choose Growcent as a platform for your investment, you need to be aware of some important considerations.

  • Capital loss- Mostly the companies fails in their early stages so if you are investing in a company displayed on our platform there may stand a chance of loosing your capital you have invested in, so investing huge capital on early stage involves high risk of losing cash as well as earning high profit in same time.
  • Liquidity-The investments you make in companies available on our deck involves high risk of being illiquid. There is very low chance of liquid secondary market of the shares you hold. It is only possible when the business or the shares are bought by another company or investors.
  • Rarity of Dividends- Investing in one of the company on our platform will rarely pay you dividends even if the business is successful and earns profit, you can only earn profit by selling the shares you hold in the market of other investors if shows interest.
  • Dilution- One must know that there is no public trading market for company’s security. The securities which are offered during the time of investment to the investors are not freely transferable, and there is no assurance that the securities can be resold in the market. So,investors should ready to bear the risk of holding the securities for an infinite period.