Terms Of Services

Following Term of services will Constitute a Legal Agreement between you as the user of the website and Growcent as the owner of the website. During the elaboration of the term of service we will denote you as the user along with Growcent as we, us and Growcent.

This part of the website explains the terms of use. The moment you enter our website, you’re agreeing to all the terms and condition of the website. Some of the points involve legal terms but we have done our level best to put them in clear and simple explanations.

  1. Account Registration- one can visit Growcent website without registration, but when it comes to fundraising or funding one must register him/herself on our platform to avail our services. Regarding registration the concerned person must provide all its personal details i.e. name, contact details.
    Companies- You must provide complete details regarding your company so that we can proceed with next steps before presenting your company on our fundraising platform.
    Investors- Regarding investors they must fill the basic details to register themselves on our platform after a small validation will be there from our side then we will provide you with your Growcent Id whose password will be set by you only.
  2. Investor- Once the account registration has been done from the Investor side, he/she will be having full access to check the detail information of the start-up for the first time. once the investor is tied his first deal on our platform, he will be given platinum package services for the first time, after that he must opt for yearly subscription package to avail the premium package.
  3. Start-ups- As like Investors companies must register them self on our platform, but the process is little bit different they will only be registered if they pass through our parameters. Firstly, the company need to provide their complete company details along with their pitch deck after that we will measure the company on our parameters and then we will categorize them by certain ratings if it qualifies then it is published on our platform for fund raising.
  4. Authorized User- Investor will be the only authorized user as he will be having the right to visit all the pages and can gather information about the companies but these services are free for first time user only after that the investor have to pay a yearly subscription fees set out on the website and the plan subscription opted by the investor will decide what services will be provided with.
  5. Things for which we are not responsible of- we on growcent only enrolled certified companies on our platform and genuine investors. Once the deal is done between the company and the investors then growcent and its team is not responsible for any sort of dispute that arise between the investor and founders’ team. Growcent is only responsible for the meetings and documentation works between the founders and investors.